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Money Matters - Connecting Your Bank Account
Money Matters - Connecting Your Bank Account
Learn how to connect your bank account to automatically import recent transactions.
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Connecting your bank account allows you to get the most out of our bookkeeping feature. 

 To connect your account, click the "connect account" button within your Account Settings > Bookkeeping Options.

You’ll then be routed to a new page to search and find your bank from the 22,000 financial institutions we have integrations with. 

 When searching for your bank, you may see a list of different options matching your search query. If you’re unable to connect using the closest matching option, please try the other variations of your bank name. For example, search “Royal Bank” instead of “RBC.” Sometimes searching the origin of a bank helps, like adding “Canada” or “UK” to the end of the search. 

 If for some reason, your bank is not supported, you can import your statements using .qbo or .ofx files and take full advantage of our bookkeeping module.

 Once your bank is selected, you will undergo an authorization process, permitting 17hats to import your transactions. You will be required to login with your online banking information. Follow the screen prompts to complete the connection process.

Depending on your bank’s policies, you may have to undergo additional steps to authenticate each time you want to refresh the account.

Once you connect your bank, the transactions from the past 90 days will import. You can then view these previous transactions and future transactions on the main Bookkeeping Page.

 Special notes about your Bank Security:

  • 17hats supports over 20,000 financial institutions.

  • We utilize a restricted connection to your account, so we can only read transaction history.

  • We use the most modern security and encryption technologies, ensuring your information is safe and secure.

  • We never store or view any account numbers or passwords.

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Other questions? Reach out to our Business Support Team via Live Chat or Email Monday through Friday 7am-4pm PST. 

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