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Creating a Calendar Event
Creating a Calendar Event
Learn how to add an event in 17hats & important information when creating the event.
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Just like your every day calendar, you can add additional events as needed. This can be done within a project if you have a consultation or linked event, or directly on your calendar page. 

Your projects are automatically displayed on your calendar once you add a date to the project.

Adding an event from the Calendars page

To add a new event from the Calendars page, click on the date and timeframe you want the event scheduled for. A pop-up window will appear for you to add your event details. 

Event Settings

Event Name
Add the event name here. This will only be visible to you unless you invite your customer to the event outside of 17hats. 

Add key details of the event here. A few important details you may add are what will happen at the event and who will be attending. 

Enter the date and starting time here. If you're not seeing the end date/time this will appear once you give your event a start time. 

Include the location of the event. This could be an address or a video chat link.

Is this a recurring event? Select when this event should repeat so you don't have to create more than one event. 

Select which calendar you want the event assigned to. The event will default to the calendar that is displayed first within your Calendar Settings page. The order is determined by the name of the calendar and are sorted alphabetically, or numerically.

For example, if you have a calendar named "Marketing" and another named "Social media", the Marketing calendar will appear in the calendar drop-down first. 

To make assigning events to a calendar easier, number your calendars and name them to remind you of the type of event that should be added like the example below. 

If you would like your event to be attached to a project, you'll be able to select the applicable project here.  This will then allow you to select two other options specific to that project - "Project Date" and "Attach workflow".

Additional Fields

If you have opted to assign your event to a specific project, two additional fields will appear -- Project Date and Attach Workflow. 

Project Date
If your project does not yet have a date you can use the event for your project date. You can always update this later as needed. 

If you do not use the event as the project date, it will appear in the projects "event" tab.

Attach workflow
This step allows you to start a workflow within the project you're assigning the event. You'll be able to use the drop down to select any previously created workflow and it will start immediately once you hit save.

Important to Note

If you are assigning an event to a connected Google Calendar, the event will appear in both 17hats and in Google.  If you're assigning an event to a 17hats type calendar, this will only appear in the platform. 


Other questions? Reach out to our Business Support Team via Live Chat or Email Monday through Friday 7am-4pm PST. 

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