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You can run a sales tax report on payments that were collected or created through 17hats. In your bookkeeping section, please select 'Sales Tax' from the reports button.

Note: Only sales tax that was recorded through 17hats will be shown on this report. That means you need to have an invoice with sales tax. Payments made with a credit card or manual payments will be recorded. 

If you recorded the sale through other means and do not have an invoice for it in 17hats, it will not show on the sales tax report since we do not have the necessary data to show it. The method that you used to collect the payment outside of 17hats should have its own sales tax report.

You can access your Sales Tax report by navigating to the Bookkeeping tab, and selecting "Reports" in the top right:

Tip: Create a PDF of the report by using the Print button, and Printing as a PDF

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