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How do I record a payment manually?
How do I record a payment manually?
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With respect to invoices, you may wish to record a payment manually, such as if the client pays with cash or check.

In order to record a payment, click on "Record Payment", located above the invoice form adjacent to "Balance" when viewing the invoice.

After clicking "Record Payment", a window appears for you to enter details.

Amount:  Total of the payment to apply towards invoice
Payment date:  Date the payment was received
Reference:  Notes for your own use, like check number, etc.
Account:  Accounts that have been set up in bookkeeping are listed here. Select the appropriate account the monies will be deposited in.
Method:  How the client is paying. 

Send Receipt: This will send a receipt of the payment to the email address set up for the client making the payment.

  • Check: Personal/Business Check, Money Order

  • Cash

  • Credit Card: Credit or Debit

  • Bank Transfer: Money wire into your account. 

Payments applied to the invoice are automatically reconciled and categorized in the Bookkeeping section of your 17hats account. If you have bank account feeds connected to Bookkeeping where your payments will be deposited, reconcile them as a transfer.

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