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Learn about the different contact types you can apply to customers contact records
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17hats is a contact-based system. A Contact is defined as anyone you communicate with and are classified into four types: Hot Leads, Clients, Cold Prospects, and Other. To help you quickly tell the difference between each type each contact type is color coded (there is not a way to change the colors of each contact type). 

Hot Lead contact types will appear Orange. These are potential customers that you are communicating with and are actively working on converting to a paid customer. 

Client contact types will appear in Green. A Client is any customer that has accepted a quote, sent an invoice, or signed a contract. At this point, they should have verbally committed to hiring you. 

Cold Prospects will appear in Blue. They are customers that were interested in your services previously but have stopped actively communicating with you. 

Other Contacts will appear in Grey. They may be vendors, family members, or others that don’t fit into any of the other three categories.

You can also include a Related Contact on a project if you are working with more than one person for a specific service. To learn more about related contacts, please click the button below. 


When and Where do I set the Contact Type?

The Contact Type can be set when you manually add a customer to the platform and can be edited at any time.  If a contact comes in though a Lead Capture Form, they will automatically be set as a Hot Lead type contact. 

The platform will automatically update a Contact type from a Hot Lead to a Client contact type status when you send an invoice, the customer accepts a quote, or they sign a contract.

If you would like to manually update your contacts type, you can do so from the contacts profile record. Simply open a contacts record or project, then click the "edit button on the top right of the screen. 

From there, choose a different category from the "Contact Type" dropdown


Where do I find my Contacts?

Quickly find and manage your Clients and others in your “Contacts” main page. You can filter the view using the buttons at the top of the page. The contacts on this page are listed in alphabetical order by first name and you can see other contacts by using the letter headers. 

Your Cold Prospects and Hot Leads can be managed in the “Leads” tab. This page will initially show an overview of your new and active leads, but you can switch to the All view to see Leads in alphabetical order. 


Now that you understand the different contact types find out how to add them to the platform by clicking the button below. 


Other questions? Reach out to our Business Support Team via Live Chat or Email Monday through Friday 7am-4pm PST. 

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