How do I manually add a contact?
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When manually adding a new contact, by clicking on the "+" beside the "Contacts" label, you will have two options for entering data:

To quickly add your contact, use the Basic Contact Form with the following information:

  • Name Field (Required): You may include middle names, or suffixes if you wish.  Enter the contact's full name.

  • Company Field (Optional):  If the contact is a company, and you'd like the company name to appear in the list of contacts instead of the contact name, click the checkbox "Show as company" at the top of the form. This will ensure form tokens will insert the whole company name, instead of the contact name.. 

Chose from the available Contact Type options.
Cold Prospect: BlueHot Lead: OrangeClient: GreenOther: Grey
Color coded statuses improve organization and identification on the Contacts and Leads pages.

  • Email (Optional but highly recommended):  Fill in the contact's email address

  • Phone (Optional):  If you know the contact's phone number, fill it in here.

  • Title (Optional):  Fill in a title for the contact here.

  • Tags (Optional):  Metadata tagging for keyword search (coming soon).

After you save a contact, you may notice a circular avatar beside the contact name.  The first initial is the first letter in the first group of text in the name field, and the last initial is the first letter of the last group of text. 

For Example:
Martin Luther King Jr. = MJ
Martin Luther King_Jr. = MK

For form tokens, the first name is the first group of text, and the last name is the last group of text.

Martin Luther King Jr. = Martin Jr.
Martin Luther King_Jr. = Martin King_Jr.

There are many more fields you can enter regarding your contact such as social media IDs, or mailing address.  To enter this information about your contact, on the top right, when viewing our contact, click on "Edit" and then "Edit Contact".

Some of those additional fields are: Website, Notes, Birthday, Address, Address 2, City State, Zip, Referred By, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest.

You may also use the Full Contact Form for many additional field options:

Here, you will see options similar to that of when editing an existing Contact (Address, custom Profile Image, Birthday, Custom Tags, Social Media links, etc)

You may also press the 'Add Project' button on this same page to quickly create a project AS you create the Contact record:

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