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How do I manage my payments?
How do I manage my payments?
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How do I manage my payments?

Payments can be handled in one of three scenarios, each process being different but affecting bookkeeping and invoices in the same way.

Scenario 1:  Client makes a payment online.
Scenario 2:  You manually record a payment on an Invoice.
Scenario 3:  A payment has been made and deposited to your bank.

For Scenarios 1 and 2, a bookkeeping transaction will automatically be created, categorized, and verified. Any bank feed deposits are to be considered "Transfer between accounts" because a record of payment has already been made.

For Scenario 3, before you apply a payment transaction from Bookkeeping to an Invoice, make sure the following is also true:

  • that that no record of payment has already been recorded

  • the deposit amount matches the payment amount

Otherwise, manually record the payment in the invoice, and categorize the transaction as "transfer between accounts". You may also need to record an expense for the merchant fee as typically payment merchants do not include that in their feed. 

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