It is possible to add related contacts to your projects.  Related contacts are people that you may want to communicate with about a project.  An example might be a spouse, parent, or coworker of the main contact.

17hats allows you to gather information about related contacts via questionnaires. Your client can enter the contact information about the related contact and then the related contact will automatically be added to your project.

  • In order to add a new related contact question on your questionnaire, just choose, "Related Contact" as the question type when creating your questionnaire.

  • You will have the option to decide if you want the related contact to appear or not appear in the main contacts list.  And you can also decide what information about the related contact that you want to gather.  Just check off the checkboxes for the information you want to save.

  • After your client fills out the questionnaire and enters the contact information about the related contact, that contact will automatically be created and associated with the project.  

  • That related contact can now be sent communications along with the main contact, as well as be added as a signee on contracts created and sent from that project page. 

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