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Why is my Lead Capture Form not appearing correctly on my website?
Why is my Lead Capture Form not appearing correctly on my website?
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The 17hats Lead Capture Forms can be embedded on your website through the iFrame coding provided in your Lead Capture Form Template page 

The coding is set to fill any space you add the coding we provide. If you find your Lead Capture Form does not appear as you'd like, you'll need to review your website or mobile settings. 

Because 17hats does not control how the form is displayed on your site or on mobile devices, you will need to contact your web providers support team for more specifics. 

If you want to update the font and colors on the form, you'll be able to do so within 17hats under Account Settings > Brand Preferences. 


For WordPress Websites

If you are trying to install your Lead Capture Form on your Wordpress website, you may find that it doesn't appear correctly.  The reason for this is that Wordpress does not support iFrames for security reasons (  

That being said, there are many widgets you can install that will allow you to install the Lead Capture Form iframe code so that it embeds properly.

Alternatively, you can install the form as a link to the 17hats form. This will work correctly on a Wordpress site.

Another option is to upgrade your Wordpress site to a self hosted Wordpress blog, as the iframe code will work there.


As always, feel free to reach out via Live Chat if you still have any remaining questions and we'll be happy to help out!

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