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What Are Workflow Phases?
What Are Workflow Phases?
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When creating workflows in 17hats, you may notice that you have the ability to add "Phases"?  Phases allow you to break up your workflow into different segments.  This ensures your workflows are more streamlined, organized, and easier to follow.  

To add a new phase within a workflow, just click on the Edit button on the right hand side and select "Add a New Phase".  

You can also add a new phase, delete a phase, and rename a phase by clicking on the small drop down arrow here: 

Workflow phases allow you to break up longer workflows so that it is easier to see where you are at and how the workflow is progressing.

NOTE: You are not able to re-arrange workflow phases so it is important to write out each phase prior to creating them within 17hats to avoid any extra steps.

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