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How do I issue a refund to my client?
How do I issue a refund to my client?
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Did your client pay too much in error?  Or perhaps you have agreed upon a full/partial refund and are unsure on how to handle it?

All payment processing is completed by your merchant account (Stripe™, Square). This means that you will want to refund the client directly from within your merchant account.  

You can then adjust an invoice to reflect the refund by navigating to the invoice you with to refund, pressing "Record Payment", and adding a negative dollar amount transaction (matching the refund amount) to balance/zero out any overage.

Your invoice will now show the amount was returned to the client, meaning the invoice now has an open balance.

If you would like the invoice to stop showing as due, (ex: Your client cancelled services and their deposit was returned), the easiest thing to do is to Void the invoice (Edit > Void Invoice).

You can also add a line item such as: Cancelled Services, totaling the amount remaining, listed negatively: 

To recap the above,

  1. Refund the actual payment (check or credit card processor)

  2. Open the invoice and record a negative amount payment for the original invoiced amount, and mark as taxable (if applicable)

  3. Edit the invoice and add a negative amount line item


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