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Why is my bank not connecting or updating automatically?
Why is my bank not connecting or updating automatically?
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At 17hats we support over 19,000 banking institutions across two different banking partners.  However, unfortunately, there are no international or domestic banking standards around the world.  As a result, sometimes your bank may not be able to connect your bank.  If this is the case, you still have the option to manually add your bank.  You may then upload your bank statements into this newly created manual account as .QBO, .OFX.  This will still allow you to take full advantage of our Bookkeeping module. If your bank does not have QBO or OFX as an option to export to, you can export as a CSV file, then contact support, who has software that can convert CSV to an importable file type.

If your bank was syncing and has suddenly stopped, we would first suggest you attempt a manual refresh by following the instructions here. All banks now require occasional manual refreshes as a security measure to validate all connections with the banks - this happens in any platform that syncs with banks.

Unfortunately, even banks that used to work, will sometimes suddenly change the way they communicate with us through our partners. If this is the case, please contact support, who will write up a support ticket for our bank sync partners to work with the bank to get the connection working again.

Other times, bank account may never update automatically (they require a code to be texted and entered, which cannot be automate), but a manual refresh will pull in the recent transactions.

Even if manual refreshes are not working, there is always the option of pulling those transactions in manually, by exporting them from your online banking and then importing them into 17hats.  Again, this will still allow you to take full advantage of all of the Bookkeeping functionality.

* This feature may not be available on all plan types.

If you continue to have issues, please contact directly for further instruction.

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