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How Do I Create Custom Email Templates?
How Do I Create Custom Email Templates?
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17hats allows users to customize email templates that they can use to send to different contacts.  As you work on an email in 17hats that you feel you may use again, you can click on "Save as a template" to have it stored for later use. Alternatively, you can create it in My Templates.

There are different types of email templates within 17hats.

  • Regular Email Templates: Emails that are sent independently.  They are not sent along with any other type of communications.

  • Document Send Email Templates: 17hats also has the ability to create templates for emails to that send certain documents. For example, email templates of type "Email (invoice_send)", can be sent when an invoice is being sent out.  Emails of type "Email (questionnaire_send)" could accompany a questionnaire being sent.

Here is an example of the default "Email (invoice_send) email", which could accompany an invoice, that has been added in the Templates tab.

 When sending an invoice, you will see this template in your dropdown options, since it was classified as an Invoice Email:

And here is how your client would see that same email.

As you can see, it looks a bit different, and has the button guiding your cleint to the document. 

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