Projects Vs. Contacts
What is the difference between a project and a contact?
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A Contact is classified as a Lead, Cold Prospect, Client, or Other Contact type within 17hats. 

When an individual is first added to 17hats using a Lead Capture Form they'll be listed as a "Hot Lead" contact type. You can also manually add someone into 17hats and set them as a Lead or other contact type. 

Each type of contact (Lead, Client, Prospect, or Other) needs to have at least one project in order to send documents, or log any content. Think of a "Project" as a manilla file folder with the individuals name on it. 

Some contacts may have more than one project depending on the type of business you provide.  For example, if you are a photographer, you may have one project for a Family's 2016 Session, and another when they come back for a 2017 session. You will want the documents and emails to reside in the proper "File Folder"/Project. 

Within each project all emails, questionnaires, quotes, contracts, notes, to-do items, etc. will be stored.

To access your project, you can find your contact first by going to the "Contacts" page if you are looking for a client or other contact.  Or by going to the "Leads" page if you are looking for a Hot Lead or Cold Prospect.  Once you click on the contact, you will be brought to their project page.  If they have more than one project, you can switch between them.

Projects can also be accessed by going directly to the "Projects" page on the left hand navigation bar.

If you have imported your contacts or added them manually, you will need to create at least one project for each client before sending any documents, or making notes, etc. (Without a Project, those items have no place to live!) 

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