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Archiving Projects: Calendar Dates
Archiving Projects: Calendar Dates
Will my calendar dates still show on my calendar if I archive a project?
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Calendar dates, even ones in the past, will no longer appear on your calendar after you archive a project.  However, you can always look back on the project page of archived projects to view their event dates.

Although the dates will be removed within the 17hats platform, any dates on a connected Google Calendar will remain. You will then need to delete those events from the Google Calendar if you'd like those to no longer appear. 

This is important to remember when turning leads into Cold Prospects. You will most likely want their inquiry to also be removed from your calendar, so it's important to remember to Archive their project as well. 

We suggest adding a final step in your Lead Workflow to something like this:

To-Do: "Turn into Cold Prospect/Archive Project. OR Activate Booked Workflow" 

We suggest the due date being relative to the final date you want to be reminded a lead is still on your lead tab, and should be moving on. (ie: 90 days after activating this workflow). 

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