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Changing a Lead to a Client
Changing a Lead to a Client
How to change a lead into a client (automatically and manually)?
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The Leads tab in 17hats is generally a spot to keep track of people who are interested in your products or services, but have not yet signed up.

Leads can be added to 17hats by either a lead capture method, or could be manually entered by yourself.  

17hats will automatically turn a lead into a client for you once a quote is accepted, a payment is made on an invoice, or a contract is signed**.  Once a lead is turned into a client you will now be able to find it on the "Contacts" page under "Clients".  

You may also manually turn a lead into a client.  This can be done by clicking on the "Leads" page, and then finding the lead you want to change.  Directly across from the lead's name is the "Edit" button.  Next, click the first option, "Edit Contact".    

Within the "Edit Contact" screen you can change the contact type to "Client", "Hot Lead", "Cold Prospect", or "Other Contact". 

Always remember, contacts that are of the type "Clients" or "Other Contact" will always be found on the "Contacts" page, and contacts of type "Hot Lead" and "Cold Prospect" will always be found on the "Leads" page.

**If you send an invoice attached to a quote, once the quote is accepted and the invoice becomes available, your lead will automatically convert to a client as well.

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