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Updating Workflow Templates
Updating Workflow Templates
Learn what updates apply to activated workflows within projects and what changes you'll need to make manually.
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Workflow Templates allow you to automate the tasks you normally take to complete a project or service. They guide your contact through your client experience and help make a consistent process for you and your customer. 

As your client experience and business change, you may need to make updates to your workflow templates to match. Only certain changes within a workflow template will apply to an activated workflow on a project. 

When adding a workflow to a project, you are in essence, copying the previously created Workflow Template's to-dos/action/pauses items to the project. Because of this, changes to the workflow template will not apply to active workflows in all cases. 

To aid in clarity, a Workflow Template is the base/clean copy of the feature. An active workflow is one that has been added to a project.

Updates that WILL apply to active workflows

Edits to an Email or Document Template
When updating an email, quote, questionnaire, invoice, or contract template that is attached to a workflow template, the changes will appear on active workflows. You will NOT have to update the workflow within the project. 

Deleting a Document or Email from an Active Workflow
If a document or email template is deleted, the previously saved version will be sent out. Even though the workflow template was deleted and the specific document and emails were deleted, the system will hold on to the copies that were within the workflow on the project so the previously used copies will be sent. 

Updates that need to be applied MANUALLY

Adding, Deleting, or Rearranging Workflow Steps
if you delete, add, or rearrange items in a workflow template, workflows already applied to a project will not update.  You will also need to make the change in the workflow on the project itself, or apply a new workflow.

Swapping a Document or Email Template from an Active Workflow
The active workflows will keep the previous document. If you want to use a completely new template you would then have to go to each active project and update the step to use the new document or email.

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