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How do I use time tracking within 17hats?
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Please note: Time Tracking is an addon module, available in all plan Levels, for $5/month in addition to your plan's regular subscription fee.

Time tracking in 17hats allows you to set up rates that you charge an hourly amount for. This will then allow you to keep track of how long you spend working on those set tasks and bill your customer accordingly.

To use time tracking, you must first set up your time tracking settings.  To do so, go to "Account Settings" > "Time Tracking" which is found on the side-bar under "Money Matters"

Once you click the "Edit Settings" button, you'll be able to enable time tracking for your brand, set the rounding option, and the category you want to bill to. 

Time Tracking Settings 

The first "Enabled" option is where you can turn time tracking on or off for the account.  

The second field allows you to round the time tracked. You can choose to “Rounding to the nearest”, “Round up”, “Round down”, or “No rounding”. 

You'll also be able to select the interval for that rounding with 15 minutes being the default.  

The third field allows you to select a bookkeeping category you would like the time tracking to be classified as. This is how the income will be tracked in the bookkeeping section.    

Once your settings are added, you can then add in time rates. These can then be re-used anytime you go to track time. Please note: Editing existing time rates is highly discouraged. If you need to edit an existing rate, please create a new one instead.

Using the Timer Feature  

To activate the timer, you will start by clicking on the "Timer" button at the top of the page. This can be accessed from any page within 17hats.

A pop-up will appear which will allow you to select the project you would like to track time against. You can then, select a time rate previously saved, or create a new rate from the "task" drop down. 

If you had worked on this task previously, you also have the option of manually adding time and what date that time was spent on. 

After you have track time, you will see it appear on the "Dashboard" page within the "Lets Take Care of Business" module. 

You will also see the time log within the project under the "Time Log" tab

Alternatively, you also have the option of starting a timer from within the project.  To do so, go to the "Time Log" tab within the project. Click the + button so the timer appears.  You may start the timer when ready or log time that was previously tracked in another fashion.

You'll also have the ability to continue tracking time even if a user logs out or shuts off their computer.  The below image indicates the timer in motion.  

By clicking on the timer icon on the top of your screen a window will appear to Pause the timer or end the timer, indicating the task is complete.  

It is important to note, you may only have one timer activated at a time in your account. This holds true even if you have multiple users logging in. 

Invoicing Your Client

After time has been tracked you can easily invoice the contact.  Within the Project screen under "Time Log" the timer item or items will be displayed. 

Upon clicking on the green "Invoice" button, a pop up window will appear allowing you to including all non-billable time and the option to include the dates of the tracked time.   

After clicking "Continue", you'll be routed to the invoice for the contact.  As with other invoices within 17hats there is the option for Online Payments, Recurring Invoice, or Payment Schedule. 

The item row will show the time logs task name, the date, and the amount of time tracked. 

Depending on the amount of time tracked the quantity will appear in decimal format. 

To convert the time to a billable currency, the system changes the minutes to your set currency. So if you track 1 hour and 2 minutes, the system will set that quantity as 1.0333 since 2 minutes is .0333 of an hour. 

* This feature may not be available on all plan types.

If you have additional questions on the Timer Feature, or any other 17hats feature, reach out to our Business Support Team Monday-Friday from 7am-4pm PST

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