The reason ShootProof is creating invoices under one person's name in 17hats is to avoid creating separate contacts unrelated to the project the gallery is for.

When importing a ShootProof order, 17hats first notices if the gallery is already a project. If not, 17hats finds or creates a contact for the client of the specific ShootProof event, and adds a project to that contact. If 17hats does have a project for the gallery, then it would add the order to that project as an invoice, and add the customer as a related contact.

In the situation of ShootProof creating invoices under one person's name in 17hats, instead of creating 4 separate contacts it generated 4 related contacts and 4 invoices. Wondering if this the expected behavior? If all the orders are for the same gallery, then yes, that is by design.

*This feature may not be available on all plan types.

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