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Connecting Other Calendars
Sync Google Calendars from multiple Google Calendar accounts
Sync Google Calendars from multiple Google Calendar accounts
Learn how to connect calendars from more than one Google Calendar account through a single Google Calendar connection
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17hats only supports connecting one Google Calendar connection for each User in your 17hats account. However, if you need 2-way sync with calendars from other Google Calendar accounts (for example, if you have your business Google Calendar connected to 17hats, but also want to connect a calendar from your personal Google Calendar), this is possible through Google Calendar sharing! Read on to find out how.

What's the Trick

So, you have already connected one Google Calendar account in your 17hats Calendar Settings page; let's call it "". But, you also need to sync calendars from another Google Calendar account as well. Let's call this ""

To do so, you can share calendars from to so that they show up under the My Calendars section, and can be imported to 17hats.

Steps - Sharing Google Calendar with Another Google Account

  1. Navigate to and make sure you're in "" by clicking the account switcher in the top right:

  2. In the My calendars section, click the 3 vertical dots next to the calendar you want to share to, and choose "Settings and Sharing" from the menu:

  3. In the settings for this calendar, scroll down to the "Share with specific people or groups" section and click the + Add people and groups button. Enter the email address of the Google Calendar account you have connected to 17hats (in this example,, and be sure to select "Make changes & manage sharing" from the dropdown menu:

  4. Use the account switcher in the top right to switch back to your "" Google Calendar account.

  5. Click the gear icon in the top right, and choose "Settings":

  6. Click "Add Calendar" to expand the section, then "Subscribe to calendar":

  7. Select the calendar from your other account in the dropdown:

  8. You should now see your calendar(s) from in the My Calendars section:

Sync the Shared Calendars to 17hats

Now you can sync the newly-shared calendars in to 17hats:

  1. Navigate to your 17hats Calendar Settings page and click the "Google Cal Settings" dropdown. Choose the "Update Calendars to Sync" option from the menu:

2. The calendar you just shared in Google will appear at the bottom of the list - check the box and click the green "Save" button to sync in that calendar's events:

The Calendars that you select will appear as "Google" calendars in the Type column. At first the calendar will say "Not yet synced" under Status, but that will change within 5-30 minutes (first sync takes the longest, because it is pulling across all your calendar event data). After the first sync has completed, it will also show the date the calendar last synced new events:

Any calendars you did not select will show as "Disabled". You can enable these from the same Google Cal Settings > "Update Calendars to Sync" dialogue as in Step 2, above.


Q: How do I create additional Calendars at ?

A: If you need to create an additional Google Calendar, please click here to view Google's instructions.

Q: Help! I'm seeing duplicates of all my events after sharing my calendars!

A: Make sure that you are not creating "loops" by sharing Calendar A with Calendar B, while also sharing Calendar B back to Calendar A. If you enable the same calendar twice in this dialogue, you will create duplicates in both 17hats and Google Calendar:

Other questions? Reach out to our Business Support Team via Live Chat or Email Monday through Friday 7am-4pm PST. 

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