17hats can only connect one Google Account when it come to accessing Google Calendars. However, if you have a need to connect more account, we have a little trick that will help you out.

What's the Trick

You have connect your Google Account, let's call it your MAIN Google Account. But, you also need to sync calendars from another Google Account as well. Let's call it SECOND Google Account.

To do so, share the calendars from SECOND Google Account to your MAIN Google Account. By sharing them over to the Google Account Connected, the calendars are able to sync to 17hats through your MAIN Google Account.

Steps - Sharing Google Calendar with Another Google Account

  1. Access your "Managing & Sharing" permissions in Google for the Calendars you want to share. You can access these permission by clicking the 3 vertical dots next to the calendar in the "My Calendars" section. As seen in the screenshot below.

  2. Once inside the permission, scroll down to "Share With A Specific Person." Add the account information you wish to share with. You can also read through Google's instructions here.

3. Check to ensure all is working by navigating back to your MAIN Google

Account. There the shared calendars should be viewable under My Calendars.

Sync the Shared Calendars to 17hats

Now, simple sync the shared calendars to 17hats.

  1. Navigate to your Calendar Settings within Account Settings.
    If this is your first time connecting a Google Calendar, click the 'Connect Google Calendar' button and enter your Google Email address.

2. If you already have a Google Calendar connected, click "Google Cal Settings" button and choose the "Update Password" option that appears.

3. Once you enter your Google calendar credentials, you'll be taken through Google's authentication process. Be sure to hit the "Allow" button to connect. 

4. Complete Google's authentication process.
5. Check off any of the calendars you wish to sync into 17hats.

The Calendars that you select will appear as "Google" Type calendars and show the date the calendar last synced new events.

Any calendars you did not select will show as Disabled. You can re-enable them as needed using the arrow icon at the end of the row.


Q: I am not sure how to create additional Calendar's inside Google Calendars.

A: If you need to create an additional Google Calendar, please click here to view Google's instructions.


Other questions? Reach out to our Business Support Team via Live Chat or Email Monday through Friday 7am-4pm PST. 

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