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Why am I seeing a date conflict?
Why am I seeing a date conflict?
How 17hats alerts you of conflicting events
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As you go to add a new event on your calendar, if you already have an event scheduled on that day in ANY calendar, you will be see Schedule to the right appear in Yellow:

No Conflict:


You may of course still add a second Project for this date/time but this is just a friendly little reminder that there is in fact a conflict. 

You will also notice that when adding project dates for dates/times that are already added on Project Dates, that have conflicting times on your calendar, they will now appear in red:

When will my Date/Time show a conflict?

  • If both are all day projects you will see the red conflict on the date in the project

  • If one project is all day and the other has a time you will see the conflict

  • If both projects have the same date and time, you will see the red conflict

  • If the projects have the same date, but different times, (no over lapping), you will not see the red date conflict

  • Events that are not project dates will not show a date conflict in red for the second project added. They must both be project dates to show a conflict within the project. 

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