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How do ShootProof Orders work?
How do ShootProof Orders work?
Should each new ShootProof order for an existing contact create a new project?
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With ShootProof integration, each new order for an existing contact should create a new project, (with the name of the gallery as the project name).  

Here is a breakdown of how ShootProof and 17hats integrate:

  • The ShootProof integration is centered around galleries.

  • They call them "Events" in their API, which may have guided our decision to map them directly into our projects.

  • ShootProof orders directly map quite naturally to our invoices, which further strengthens the idea to map a gallery to a project.

  • ShootProof galleries can have a client, which also maps quite naturally to our contacts.

  • Within ShootProof, the client placing an order doesn't even get its own resource in their API; it's just a part of the order data structure.

  • This guided us to map them to either a full-blown contact (when the ShootProof event doesn't have a client object), or to a related contact of an already imported gallery/project.

*This feature may not be available in all plan types.

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