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Emails are not sending as the right address
Emails are not sending as the right address
What can I do if my emails are not "sending as" the email address I am expecting?
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You may deal with many different email addresses for your business, and you may like the flexibility to choose which email address will show in the "From" address field when you send emails from 17hats.

If you are having issues with this, we suggest you try the following:

1. Click the upper right corner - (Circle/Logo) and click "Account Settings", "Email Settings", and see what is showing under "Send Email As".

2. If it is not showing the address you would like, go to "My Account", "Account Settings", "My Profile", and change the email address in there to the correct one.

3. If it is showing correctly under "Account Settings", "Email Settings", and "Send Email As", but the address is not showing up correctly when sent, sometimes there is an alias set up in Gmail. In Gmail, you may adjust the "Send Mail As" address by following their instructions here.

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