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Connecting to a bank: Error Code 192
Connecting to a bank: Error Code 192
What does Error Code 192 mean when trying to connect my bank?
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Error 192 means that you are being asked to prove your identity beyond your username and password. In other words, your financial institution is asking for an extra layer of security (token) that our online banking feature doesn't support. Unfortunately, in these cases you will not be able to connect to get automatic updates.

Additionally, you can also try reaching out to your financial institution about this error, as the connection issue is between your bank and our banking partner.

However, you can always still manage the transactions from your account, and take full advantage of the bookkeeping module, by manually importing them. You will first need to export them from your online banking account and save the file onto your computer. You can then select "Import Transactions" under the Settings menu on your bookkeeping page, choose the file, and import them in.

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