Automated Lead Workflows
A workflow may be triggered as soon as the new lead comes in from your lead capture form.
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You may have the lead capture form itself start the workflow or you may set it so different workflows may be applied depending on the new lead's answer (select from a list field).

To have a workflow be selected when the lead capture form is submitted just click on the small arrow to the right of 'Workflow' box and select the workflow you want applied. This workflow will be applied to Lead project for this lead:

You may also add tags (as you always have) and the tags will be applied to the lead record.  Please note that these tags are applied to the lead record and NOT the project.

You may start different workflows depending on your lead's answers when using the 'choose from a list' option on your lead capture form. For example if you are photographer and ask the question, 'What type of session are interested in?', you may offer 'Family Portraits', 'Newborn Sessions', and 'Business Headshots'.  You may have a different workflow started based on which type of session your lead chooses. To set this up create a lead capture form with a list question. Add the question itself, 'What type of session do you want?'. Then, go and add each of the answers to the question. Right below each answer, click to see the drop down and choose the workflow you want applied when your customer chooses that answer:

You may also add tags under each choice and those tags would then be added to the project.

**Please note that you may use a lead workflow in the form details OR in a lead form question, but not both.

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