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How do I filter for 17hats system notification emails in Microsoft 365?
How do I filter for 17hats system notification emails in Microsoft 365?
Automatically sort or forward your 17hats system notification emails
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Please note this applies only to the webmail interface for Microsoft emails, at or This guide does not apply to desktop installations of Microsoft Outlook.

To filter 17hats system notification emails in your Office 365 or inbox, we will create an "Inbox Rule" (click the screenshots to view them at full size):

  • Click the gear icon in the top right, search "rule" in the search box, and click Inbox Rules from the results:

  • Click the "+ Add new rule" button:

  • Select the first condition dropdown and choose "Sender address includes":

  • Type "" with no quotes and no spaces; it will be encapsulated in a bubble when you click out of the field. Add another condition:

  • Choose "Subject or body includes" from the dropdown:

  • Add the keywords "quote", "contract", "invoice", "questionnaire", "lead", "booking" - click out of the field each time, to encapsulate each one in its own bubble:

  • Choose your preferred action for these emails. The most common will probably be "Move to" or "Copy to", but you may wish to Forward or Redirect these emails instead. Use Forward if you want to keep a copy in this inbox, or Redirect if you don't need a copy:

  • Once you've added the actions you want for these emails, click "save":

  • You'll see your new rule, which is toggled "on" by default:

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