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Review Zoom Web Settings
Review Zoom Web Settings
Generate one-click-join meeting links, and more!
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Please note: Zoom integration is only available in Premier-level accounts, per our comparison chart available here.

If you have or are going to enable the Zoom integration on your 17hats Integrations page, you may wish to review a few settings in your Zoom account to customise how your Zoom integration behaves, and give your clients the best meeting experience. Some settings cannot be changed, such as requiring at least one security setting (like a passcode) for each meeting - these are set according to Zoom's internal security policy for third party integrations and are unfortunately outside our control to change.

These settings can all be changed from your Zoom settings page, here:

Automatically generate "one-click-join" meeting links

  • Look for the following options and ensure they're on:

  • This will cause Zoom to embed an encrypted version of the passcode in the meeting link it generates, so your clients can join the meeting just by clicking the link, and won't be prompted for the passcode

  • You can easily see the encrypted passcode in the link with this setting on, look for the part of the link that begins with "?pwd=" and ends with a long string of random letters and numbers

Automatically mute or unmute participants when they join

  • If you don't want your clients to have to un-mute themselves when they join the meeting, turn off the "Mute all participants when they join a meeting" option:

  • The participant's microphone will be active when they join the meeting, though they can mute themselves after joining

  • Keeping this on can help prevent audio feedback loops, if multiple participants join from computers nearby and are using speakers instead of headphones

Clients can't download the Zoom app? No problem!

  • This option will allow clients to join video meetings from their web browser:

  • Please note that some features like screensharing may not be available for participants joining via web browser

These are just some of the many useful settings available to customise your Zoom meetings to your preference. If you have any questions about your 17hats Zoom integration, please don't hesitate to contact our support team using the chat icon in the bottom right corner of the page, or by sending an email to For questions about the Zoom side of our Zoom integration, you can also reach out to Zoom support directly from their support portal (

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