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Customizing Header Images for Lead Capture Forms
Customizing Header Images for Lead Capture Forms
Add a different header image to each Lead Capture Form
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Customize header images for each Lead Capture Form in 17hats to showcase your branding to your clients.

How it Works

Customize header images for a Lead Capture Form

1.) Navigate to Account Settings --> Lead Capture Forms and open a Lead Capture Form

2.) Click "edit" in the top right of your Lead Capture Form and select "Edit" - then scroll to the bottom of the page.

Please Note: If you have a Global Header Image enabled for Lead Capture Forms, you will see that image displayed in this setting with a message indicating the image is set globally.

3.) Click on either "Upload Image" or "Add from Gallery."

Upload Image allows you to select an image from your computer.

Add from Gallery allows you to select an image that has already been added to 17hats under Brand Preferences --> Images. Choose "Select Image" and press the select button that appears at the button of the image you'd like to use.

When uploading an image from your computer, you may crop the image to match 17hats recommended image size of 2731px x 527px.

This is the only time cropping an image will be available. After an image has been uploaded, you must delete and re-add the image to make changes.

Please Note: When adding a header image directly to a Lead Capture From, that header image is not automatically added to your Image Gallery (found under Brand Preferences). To add an image to your Image Gallery, select "Add from Gallery" and "Upload to Gallery." The image will now be available to use in Brand Settings --> Images.

4.) You may choose whether your Logo is displayed on the Lead Capture Form when customizing your header image. To remove your logo, turn the "Remove Logo From Lead Capture Form" toggle on.

Please note: Customizing a header image for a Lead Capture Form unlinks the image and its settings from a global Lead Capture Form header image. Removing a logo on a customized header image will not impact the logo settings for a global header image.

To remove your customized header image, select the red "Remove Header Image" button in the right corner. If you have a global header image enabled under Brand Preferences, that header image will now be displayed.

5.) Press the green "save" button to save the changes made to your Lead Capture Form.

How would I use this feature?

Customize a header image on your Lead Capture Forms to increase excitement about specific services! For example, if you offer one-on-one coaching, design a header image with a tagline about how your client will benefit from the session. If you offer elopement adventure photography, include a beautiful photo from a past elopement.


Q: What is the optimal resolution for header images?

A: 300dpi is recommended.

Q: Can I have a Lead Capture Form with no header image?

A: Ensure you do not have a global header image enabled under Brand Settings.

Q: Can I crop my header image after it has been uploaded?

A: No, you must delete the header image and re-add it to crop it.

Q: Will the header image appear if I embed the Lead Capture Form into my website?

A: No, neither the header image or logo appears when embedding your Lead Capture Form into your website. It will appear if you use your Lead Capture Form as a pop-up from your website.

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