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Enable Google Pay using 17hats Payments
Enable Google Pay using 17hats Payments
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Your clients can easily pay Invoices using Google Pay through 17hats Payments. This one-click method of payment uses payment methods stored in your client's Google Pay.

(Learn more about using Apple Pay here)

How it works

1.) Enable Google Pay in 17hats

Navigate to Account Settings --> Invoice Options.

Scroll down and enable the "Accept digital wallets (Apple Pay and Google Pay)" checkbox.

Both Apple Pay and Google Pay are now enabled.

2.) When you send an Invoice to a client with Online Payments enabled, your clients will click on the Pay Invoice option in the top, right corner of the Invoice.

3.) Your clients will see Google Pay as an option when the payment window opens.

Please Note: For your clients to pay 17hats Invoices through Google Pay they first must be enrolled in Google Pay and meet Google's requirements. Outdated certificates may prevent Google Pay from appearing as an option.

If a client is having an issue using Google Pay, they need to contact Google's support to ensure they are properly set up. In the meantime, they will be able to pay their invoice normally with a credit card.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What types of devices allow my clients to use Google Pay?

A: Your client must be using either Chrome or an Android Phone.

Q: Where does the money go when my clients pay with Google Pay?

A: Google Pay is enabled through 17hats Payments, so payments are processed using 17hats Payments.

Q: Can my clients save their Card Data with Google Pay?

A: Yes, Save Card Data is enabled with Google Pay.

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