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Global Header Image on Documents
Global Header Image on Documents
Add a global header image to 17hats Documents
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You can add a header image to Documents in 17hats to showcase your branding to your clients.

How it Works

Navigate to Account Settings --> Brand Preferences --> Images to upload images to your image gallery.

1.) Upload your image

Select the green "Upload Image" button. You can drag and drop an image or search for an image to upload.

2.) Edit your image to crop it

Click the pencil button to edit your image.

You can edit your image to crop it to the recommended size (2731x527px).

Editing is only available when uploading an image, not after the image has been saved to your gallery.

Please Note: The maximum size allowed for an image is 5MB

3.) Save your image

Press "save" to save your image to the gallery.

4.) Select your header image

Once you have uploaded your images to your gallery, you can choose the image you would like to use as a header on all of your documents.

Press the green "Select Header Image" button.

A "select" button will appear below each image in your gallery, click the select button of the image you would like to use as your header image.

As soon as you select your global header image, it will display on all live documents.

You have the option to remove your logo from your Documents. You may want to do this if your header image includes your logo. To remove your logo, turn the "Remove Logo From Documents" toggle on.

If you would like to remove a header image, click the red "Remove Header Image" button on the right side of the page.

To delete an image from your gallery, click the red "Remove Images" button in the gallery section. You can then delete individual images from your gallery. If you delete an image from the gallery that is currently used as the header image, you will be asked to confirm that you would like to delete the image. Deleting an image from the gallery that is used as the header image will remove the header image from all documents.

How would I use this feature?

Use a header image on your Documents to set yourself apart from the competition! The header image can showcase your company's branding whenever a client is reviewing a 17hats document.


Q: What is the optimal resolution for header images?

A: 300dpi is recommended.

Q: Can I have different header images for different Documents?

A: No, the header image is global and the same image will appear on all Documents.

Q: Can I crop my header image after it has been uploaded?

A: No, you will need to delete the header image and re-add it to crop it.

Q: Will I see the header image when creating document templates?

A: No, the header image will appear when a document template is added to a Project.

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