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Disable Lead Capture Forms
Disable Lead Capture Forms
Disable Lead Capture Forms to prevent them being filled out
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17hats Members can have multiple Lead Capture Forms on Standard (Level Two) and Premier (Level Three) plans. This allows the ability to create Lead Capture Forms to use for special occasions. For example, you can create a Lead Capture Form to use specifically for a sales period or product launch.

You may disable your Lead Capture Forms in 17hats to prevent them from being submitted.

How to disable a Lead Capture Form:

1.) Navigate to the Lead Capture Forms section of Account Settings

2.) Select the Lead Capture Form you'd like to disable from your list on the left side of the page

3.) Click the "Edit" button on the right of the page and choose "disable" from the dropdown

A message will appear asking you to confirm that you would like to disable the Lead Capture Form; confirm that you would like to.

Disabled Lead Capture Forms display an icon indicating that they are disabled.

To re-enable a disabled Lead Capture Form:

1.) Click the re-enable button or select "enable" from the Edit button dropdown.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.) If someone has a link to my Lead Capture Form, what will they see?

A.) A message will be displayed saying that the information has been removed by the Account Owner.

Q.) Can I edit a disabled Lead Capture Form?

A.) Yes, you may edit a disabled Lead Capture Form. It will remain disabled until you choose to re-enable it

Q.) Can I duplicate a disabled Lead Capture Form?

A.) Yes. The copy will be enabled automatically and can be disabled independently from the original Lead Capture Form.

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