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17hats offers the ability to take credit card and ACH payments online. Accepting payments online will result in being paid more quickly and allow you to charge more for your services.


Credit card processing fees are:

  • Free CRM 5% + $0.30

  • Essentials (Level One) - 4% +$0.30

  • Standard (Level Two), Premier (Level Three), and Founding Member - 2.9% + $0.30

ACH Payment fees:
17hats Payments also allows you to accept ACH Payments which cost 0.80% + $1.50 per transaction and are capped at $6.50 per transaction, meaning any payment over $625 will only be charged $6.50 in fees.

There are no monthly fees or verification fees when using 17hats Payments.

How to connect to 17hats Payments

1.) Navigate to Account Settings → Invoice Options

2.) Select “Activate” in the top right corner 17hats Payments section at the bottom of the page

You will be redirected to the 17hats Payments setup page. 17hats Payments partners with Stripe to provide secure and easy payment processing. By law, Stripe must complete a KYC (Know Your Customer) survey for every business that signs up with them. This involves completing in-depth reviews of every business, including what you're selling, how you intend to sell it, your own description of your products and services, your website, and several other details. The information you provide is reviewed internally by Stripe to ensure it complies with their services agreement. If Stripe needs further information, they'll get in touch with you.

When you connect with 17hats Payments, you’ll be required to provide your business and bank details, and you will set up your Credit card statement details. Credit Card statement details appear on your client’s credit card statements.

3.) After completing the registration form, you will be taken back to 17hats as your activation is completed.

Accessing your 17hats Payment account

Under Account Settings → Invoice Options, you can manage your 17hats Payments account. The “Manage My Account” button allows you to update your 17hats Payment account details, such as business phone number.

The “Payments Dashboard” button takes you directly to your 17hats Payments dashboard. Here you can view transaction details, review balances, look at reports, and more.

Invoice options with 17hats Payments

Invoice options such as tips, save card data and automatic payments are available with 17hats Payments. All can be turned on by going to Account Settings → Invoice Options.


Q: I have multiple brands. How does 17hats Payments work with each brand?

A: You can choose which brands are connected to 17hats Payments. You can connect multiple brands to one 17hats Payments account or have separate 17hats Payments accounts for each brand.

Q: Will payments made with 17hats Payments automatically update in the Bookkeeping section of 17hats?

A: Yes, they will automatically port into the bookkeeping section.

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