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Adding Images to Invoices and Quotes
Adding Images to Invoices and Quotes
Add images to the Products and Services included in Invoices and Quotes in 17hats.
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You can add images to the Products and Services included in Invoices and Quotes in 17hats.

Display photos of items you sell or inspirational images of the services you provide to help your Invoices and Quotes stand out from your competition.

How it Works

Create a Product or Service under Account Settings --> Products & Services or when creating an Invoice, Quote, or Template.

1.) When creating a Product or Service, add:

  • Internal Name

  • Display Name

  • Description

  • Price (and if the item is taxable)

  • Income Category

  • And choose additional options, like quantity or starting a Workflow

Click the green "Upload" button to add a photo:

2.) Select the image you would like to add to your Product or Service.

Your image will automatically display on the Product or Service. Vertical, horizontal, and square images are all accepted. JPEG and PNG files are both allowed.

Please Note: The maximum size allowed for an image is 2MB

3.) Crop the image as desired.

To crop an image, click the green "crop" button. An editing window will appear. Drag the boundaries of the highlighted portion to crop your image.

Press "save" to save the crop or "cancel" to revert to the uncropped version of the image.

Please note: cropping results in a square image, no other formats are available when cropping.

Select the red "reset" button to revert to the originally uploaded photo, undoing the crop.

4.) Save your Product or Service

Add your new item to a Quote or Invoice, and your photo will display inline with the Product/Service Name and Description.

How would I use this feature?

Use images on your Invoices and Quotes to set your Products and Services apart from the competition!

If you provide different physical products, using images to set clear expectations with your clients will lead to better service and customer experience.
Or, add inspirational images to service line items that highlight your brand and excite your leads about the possibility of working with you.


Q: What is the optimal resolution for images included on Products and Images?

A: 300dpi is recommended.

Q: If I crop or remove an image on a live Document, will it change the image on the Product and Service elsewhere?

A: No, changes to images on live Quotes and Invoices will not impact the Template or item under Account Settings --> Products and Services.

Q: If I am using square, horizontal, and vertical images on multiple items on one Invoice, how will they be aligned?

A: Images will be left-aligned.

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