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Automatically Tag Contacts and Projects
Automatically Tag Contacts and Projects
Automatically add or remove Project and Contact Tags through Workflows in 17hats.
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Tags are the labeling system used inside 17hats. They can label Contacts and Projects. Tags are searchable inside 17hats, making them a powerful tool for organization.

You can now automatically apply or remove Tags using Advanced Workflows.

How It Works

Add an action step to your Advanced Workflows (available on Premier / Level Three) to automatically add or remove Tags from your Contacts and Projects.

1.) Add the Action Step to a Workflow Template.

Open a new or existing Workflow Template. Next, click the "Add Button" and choose "Action."

2.) Select the Add/Remove Tags option on the top dropdown.

You can choose to add and remove Tags from a Project and/or Contact in one step. Simply type the Tag into each section to either add or remove it.

Pro-Tip: If you are creating a Tag for the first time, type the word or words you would like to use for the Tag, followed by a comma.

3.) Choose when you would like this Workflow step to happen.

You can have the Tags added or removed as soon as the Workflow has started, based on the Workflow's Base Date, or after all previous items in the Workflow are complete.

4.) Save the Add/Remove Tags step of your Workflow.

How would I use this feature?

A prime example of using this feature is when a lead makes a purchase and becomes a client. In the example above, we remove "Lead Tags" from our Contact and Project and add "Booked Tags" to our Contact and Project.


Q: Can I add more than one Tag per Workflow Step?

A: Yes, you may add or remove multiple Tags in the same Workflow Step.

Q: Is this Action Step automatic in a Workflow?

A: Yes, this Action Step will automatically complete when it is due in your Workflow.

Q: Will these Tags be searchable?

A: Yes, Tags added automatically from Workflows will be searchable for both Contacts and Projects.

Advanced Tip: Adding Contact Tags allows you to export specific lists of Contacts into a CSV file. For example, you can export a list of all of your Booked Clients. Read more about this here.

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