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If/Then Questions in Questionnaires
If/Then Questions in Questionnaires
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* This feature may not be available on all plan types.

If/Then functionality is possible through 17hats Questionnaires with the use of Branch Questions. By adding a Branch Question you now have the power to display specific questions based on an answer from a Base Question.

How It Works

From specific question types, you will be able to add a Branch Question. Branch Questions are only displayed if a specific answer is selected from the Base Question.

1. Add your Question

From a new Questionnaire or existing Template, add questions.

You will notice ONLY questions with multiple answers allow for Branch Questions (these are identified as Base Questions).

Base Questions Types: Yes/No, Choose from a List, Checkboxes

2. Add Branch Question
To add a Branch Question, select "Add Branch Question" from the Base Question and select the type of question you want to add. You may add a regular question such as Short Answer or Long Answer OR you can add another Base Question such as Choose from a List.

Advanced Tip: Dive into specific details by adding multiple layers of Branch Questions.

3. "With Answer" Selection
When adding your Branch Question, select the answer associated with the question from the "With Answer" selection box. This selection determines what answer from the Base Question triggers this Branch Question to appear.

When completed, press Add.

4. View your If/Then Question

As you can see, the Branch Question and Base Question are enclosed together. The answer "Allergies" is noted around the question which will be displayed if selected from the base question.

What Your Contact Sees

When viewing the Questionnaire, you will notice the Short Answer Question "Please list your pet's allergies" is not displayed.

However, when Allergies is selected, the Branch Question appears.

Adding If/Then logic is that easy. As you build your Questionnaires, you will be able to create a dynamic experience so that you can obtain answers to questions that are relevant to your contact.


Q: Can I add more than one Branch Question for an answer?
A: Yes. Each answer can have multiple Branch Questions. You can even create more branches within the question.

Q: Can I "require" an answer to a Branch Question?
A: Yes. You may have "Required" question on Branch Questions.
If the contact does not select that specific branch (therefore not seeing the required question), than that "Required" question will not be required. (Whew! That's a lot of Required to take in.)

Q: How do I rearrange the order of my Questions?
A: You may rearrange the order of your Base Questions using the "Sort" button at the top of your Questionnaire when it is in Edit Status. Click the Sort button and drag your Questions to the new position using the icon with 10 small dots located in the top and center of each Question.

Advanced Tip: You may also rearrange Branch Questions by selecting the "Sort" button located just under the associated Base Question and Answer.

* This feature may not be available on all plan types.

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