With this help article, you will learn how to connect your N-Vu account as well as FAQs about the connection process.

Enable N-Vu Integration

1. Navigate to the Integrations page in Account Setting.

  • In your Account Settings, navigate down to Integrations under Admin.
  • Scroll down to N-Vu.

2. Enable Integration

  • Click Connect N-Vu
  • Income Category -
    - If you have multiple revenue streams (example: Newborn Portraits, Senior Portraits, Wedding Photography) we recommend selecting Uncategorized Income. Then you can manually categorize the income each month.
    - If you you have one revenue stream (example: newborn portraits), then you can select that Income Category.
  • Bank Account -
    If you have existing bank accounts, select one.
    If you do not have existing bank accounts, type the name of the bank you will deposit the money into.
  • Click Connect

3. Log in to your N-Vu Account

You will automatically be routed to the N-Vu login page.

  • Enter your username and password
  • Click Login.

4. Success

  • With a successful connection, you will receive a confirmation message at 17hats
  • Click Continue to Dashboard to continue using 17hats


Q: Can I connect my N-Vu account to multiple brands in 17hats?

A: While it is possible to do so, we do not recommend it. Contacts and Projects will automatically be created in both accounts when an N-Vu order is placed; therefore there would be a need for cleanup (deleting the unwanted Contact and Project) in the accounts.

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