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Integrate Zoom meetings with Online Scheduling
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With 17hats Zoom integration, a unique Zoom meeting can automatically be created when a client books through Online Scheduling.

Quick Overview:

By adding Location Type Zoom to your Online Scheduling Service, a meeting will be created in your Zoom account and an event to 17hats.

Upon confirmation of the booking, your client will see the Zoom URL on the confirmation page (as seen below) and can be sent the URL through email by using the [Scheduling] Location Address token.


Installing Zoom is very easy. Go to Account Settings > Integrations. Then scroll to the Zoom integration and click 'enable'. You will be redirected to Zoom to authorize the connection with 17hats. Once authorized, you will be redirected to 17hats, and your account will be connected.

Setup Online Scheduling Location:

From your Online Scheduling Service, add or edit the Location.
Select "Zoom" as your location type.

That's it! The Online Scheduling booking will now create a Zoom meeting when the Booking is confirmed.

Setting up your Confirmation Email:

From your Online Scheduling Service, add the token [scheduling] Location Address to the confirmation email and the unique Zoom Meeting Link will be populated into the email.

You can use this Token in the Confirmation email within Online Scheduling, as well as, any email within a Workflow triggered by the booking.

Access your Zoom Meeting Link:

After the Booking is confirmed, you can access the link in a variety of places:

Bookings Tab:

Upon opening an Upcoming Booking, the link will be listed under location.


When opening an Event, the Zoom link will be added as a location. By clicking the "Open Zoom" link below, you can easily start your meeting.

Project Page > Events:

By opening the Event under Event, you will have access to the link in the location area.

Project Page > Project Information:

If within your Online Scheduling Service, you have selected to Update Project Date to Booking Time, the Zoom link will be shown on the right side of the Contact's Project Page.

Starting your scheduled Zoom Meetings:

When you connect Zoom to 17hats for Online Scheduling, the platform will create a unique one-time meeting room link for each Booking. In order to start this meeting as the Host, you will have to be logged in to Zoom either in your browser or in their desktop app. Please see this article from Zoom's Help Centre for details on how to use their software to view and start your scheduled meetings: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201363193-My-Meetings


Just go back to your Account Settings -> Integrations. Then scroll down to the Zoom integration and click 'disable'. Zoom will now be removed from your account, and Bookings will no longer automatically create a Zoom meeting.

* This feature may not be available on all plan types.

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