Square and Stripe members can now enable tipping on their 17hats brand. 

Account Settings 

First, connect to Square or Stripe in your Account Settings > Invoice Options.

Not a Square or Stripe member? You may wish to consider switching, as Square is offering a new client promo through Jan 1, 2020. (This promo might continue longer but is not guaranteed.)

Second, enable tipping. 

Click the Edit Invoice Options under Global Invoice Settings in your Invoice Options in Account Settings.

Once opened, check off the box next to Accept Tips, and select your Income Category

Note: An Income Category must be selected. New Income Categories can be created under Bookkeeping Options > Transaction Categories > Add New Category


Tipping for Invoices will automatically be enabled for all newly created invoices; however you will need to turn tipping one for existing templates.

Enable tipping on existing templates through your Invoice Options at the top of each invoice.

You could also use this same area to turn tipping off on an individual Invoice if you choose.


Tipping will automatically be enabled for all new Quotes. However, you will need to turn tipping on for existing templates.

You can enable tipping through your Invoice Setting on your Quote. You can also use this same area to turn off tipping if you wish.

Your Client's Experience

Once tips are enabled, your clients will be able to add an additional amount for your tip when they pay online.  The total tips for an invoice cannot exceed the total of the invoice.

Cheers to making a little extra money.

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