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Online Scheduling Troubleshooting
Online Scheduling Troubleshooting
Learn what settings to check if you're not able to see all available times.
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The Online Scheduling tool (OS) will allow your clients to easily schedule an appointment, consultation, event, session, etc. all with a few clicks of a button. Once you've set up your service, availability schedule, and availability rules, you'll be ready to get appointments! 

If you're not seeing all available times appear on your Online Schedule, you'll want to check four elements. 

  1. Calendars the Availability Schedule is Cross-Checking

  2. Booking Limitations

  3. Availability Schedule Overrides

  4. Service Duration & Buffer Times

Cross-Checked Calendars

The main item that prevents available times from showing are other events scheduled on the calendar(s) that is being cross-checked. 

The platform looks at the calendars being cross-checked and removes availability based on other events schedule. If there is an event during your available times, the platform will remove the over-lapping time-slots so you're not double-booked. Even if the event is marked as "free" in Google, the system will still see the event and not be able to add an available time slot. 

So, for example, if I set my availability rule for 9 am - 11 am for Mondays, but have an event from 9-11 am, my 9 am availability would be removed. 

You may also need to check if you have any other Availability Schedules overriding that schedule. If so, it will remove the availability from the calendar being over-ridden. Read on to see more.

Availability Schedule Overrides

This is found within your Availability Schedule, under the "Calendar Checks" section. If another schedule is being overridden, the schedule that is being overridden will no longer show dates. This is useful for holiday type sessions or other specials, but will block out any dates that overlap both Availability Schedules. 

Booking Limitations 

Depending on what limitations you have set, it may be that appointments do not show because the "More than" limitation is set.

As an example, if I have my Booking Limitation set to prevent clients from scheduling a new appointment more than 7 days in the future, availability will not show on the 8th day or after. 

You may also limit the number of bookings per day or per week:

It's important to remember that these settings are for your availability schedule and not the individual service you are offering. If you limit your number of bookings to 10 per week, after 10 bookings of any session on that availability schedule are booked, no new slots will appear available for your clients.

Service Duration & Buffer Times

When creating your availability rules, you'll need to be sure the length of the availability rule matches the service duration AND any pre- or post-buffer times added. The Start Service field can also affect this as it controls when Services can begin being booked. 

For example, if I create a 30 minute service, with a 15 minute pre- and post-buffer time that is set to start every half-hour the system will look for a 1 hour window starting every half-hour for availability. This is because the total time for my service is 1 hour long. 


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