Deleting Users
Learn how to properly delete a user from your account, and what happens after the user has been removed.
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When deleting a user from your account, you will first want to re-assign any events, to-do's, workflow items, and projects to a different user and calendar. Below, you'll see how to re-assign the various elements before deleting a user. 

Calendar Events & Projects

The easiest way to re-assign calendar events and projects to a new user is to go to the main calendar page. From there, you can filter the calendars to view only the user's calendars. 

Once you're viewing the user's calendar, open each event or project event, and re-assign the item to a new calendar.

To-Do's Tasks

To re-assign a user's To-Do tasks, first, go to the main To-Do page. Once there, filter by the User's name using the "show for" button on the top right of the page.

Once you select the to-do task, you'll then be able to update the user the task is assigned to as well as the calendar it appears on.

Workflow Items

Workflow items are similar to To-Do tasks. To access all your workflow items, first, go to the main workflow page. Then, click into the "active" view so you can see all your activated workflows. 

You'll then get a list of all workflows that are activated on your customer's projects. You can then open each and review each step to update and assign it to a new user as needed. 

You can also re-assign workflow items from the main calendar page. Each due workflow item will appear on the workflows assigned calendar. If all your workflows are routed to one calendar, you can view that specific calendar and re-assign the items as needed. 

Deleting a User

Once you've re-assigned all events, to-do's, workflow items, and projects you can delete your user.  To do so, go to your Account Settings page and open the Users page. Click here to access this page quickly. 

Once there, select the user you'd like to remove by clicking on their name. The user menu will expand, and an edit menu will appear:

Next, click the delete button and you'll get a pop-up to confirm you want to delete this user:

Once deleted, any events still assigned to the deleted user will be removed from your calendar. 

The previous calendars created for the user will still show within Account Settings > Calendars page. These should be deleted as they are in-accessible. 

If To-Do's tasks were not re-assigned, they will still show as assigned to that removed users. You will need to open the to-do task and re-assign it to a different person and calendar. 

Please note, the task will automatically appear as being assigned to the Account Owner, or the calendar that is first in alphabetical order. You will need to re-save the task for it to appear on the selected person's calendar and task list. 

Workflow tasks will also be removed from the calendar. If these tasks were not previously re-assigned, you will need to open the workflow item, and re-save it so it can be routed to a new calendar. 

Projects will be removed from the calendar, but they WILL NOT be deleted from the calendar. As with other items, if these were not previously re-assigned, you will need to edit the project and re-save it to place it back on an existing calendar. 

* This feature may not be available on all plan types.


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