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How to Change an Invoice Number
How to Change an Invoice Number
Learn how to customize or update your invoice number system
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Anytime an invoice is created within a contacts project an invoice number is automatically generated. If this is the first invoice created, the platform will start at the number 1. The numbering system will progress in increments of one unless a custom invoice number is used. 

You can set a new invoice number when you first create an invoice. To do so, highlight the text in the Invoice # field and then type in the new number you'd like to see.

The Invoice # field will be editable until you save the invoice. You are unable to change an invoice number after the document is saved because when an invoice is created, it creates not just an invoice number, but a database number. Since the invoice number is associated with the database number which cannot be changed it prevents the number for being editable after initially saving. 

Please keep in mind that the platform will continue the naming structure you've set and increase the number by one each time a new invoice is saved. With this in mind, be sure not to use any custom information, like your customers name, and have your invoices automatically sent out as this will carry over to any new invoice that is generated. 


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