Quote & Invoice Line Item Settings
What each term means and how to set it for your business!
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When you are creating a quote, there are 3 types of line items you may add to it.

  1. Standard Line items are items that your customer is required to purchase. Examples of a standard line item are a base package or a deposit.

  2. Choose One items give your customer a choice to select one option out of a list. They must pick one of the options shown in order to accept the quote. Examples of a choose one item are a fee or package that is required but has tiers or options to choose from.

  3. Choose Any Items allow your customer to choice multiple options out of a list of items. They do not have to select any of these options if they so choose. Examples of a choose any item are anything you'd like to up-sell, but is not required to purchase, such as prints, framing, insurance, etc.

Here's how these options will appear on your quote:

All line items you can add to both a Quote and Invoice are built the same way. When you click on "Add Item" you will see the following window. This is where you'll enter in the name, description, price, quantity, and category for that option. 


This is where you'll add the desired line item name. If you have any products & services previously saved, you can auto-fill the line item! To do so, begin typing the desired line item name, and a drop-down menu of matching options will appear for you to select. If you don't have any products or services previously saved, you can choose to save this item for use late by clicking the Options box.


Add in the details for the item. A few things to include are any items that are included in a package, the number of hours included, and how many people the item includes. 


Set the amount this item is worth. If this is a new item, don't forget to check the Taxable box when necessary. This will bring up your list of pre-set tax rates for you to select the applicable one.


For items you may offer multiples of, this is where you can set the amount your customer wishes to purchase.  This could be used for additional hours your customer wants to purchase with you or something similar. 

For Choose Any items, you can also opt to have the quantity be locked or be edited by the client. This would be a good option for things like tickets, where a client might want to select how many of those tickets they want.

Income Category

The income category will apply the selected transaction category for bookkeeping purposes. As payments are made, you'll see the transactions in the Bookkeeping page with the selected category.


You can also opt to save the item for future use by checking the Options checkbox. Selecting this option will save the item along with its description, pricing and all other settings that you've created under Products & Services within your Account Settings.

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