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Email Communication FAQs
Email Communication FAQs
Find the answers to some of the most common questions about Email Communication in 17hats
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What Emails are Brought into 17hats?

Only new-unread messages from an email address that is on a contact record that has as active project will be brought in.

How Often Are Emails Brought into 17hats?

Emails are brought into 17hats in cycles as our servers need to monitor the accounts of all our members. This is not a simultaneous process, so it can take up to 20-45 minutes for new messages to appear. While the servers often sync sooner, we do urge members to monitor their email provider’s inbox for ASAP email replies, as you will still get those right away.

Will older emails be brought into 17hats?

No. When adding a new contact record, 17hats will not sync previously received emails. Only newly received emails will be brought in moving forward.

Can I reply to emails outside of 17hats?

Yes, if the email address that your reply was sent from is connected under your Incoming Email Account(s) area.

If you use your main email provider to send an email reply, or new outgoing message to someone who is saved as a contact with a project in 17hats, those messages will also appear in the project’s email log.

Syncing Emails from CC'ed Contacts

17hats will bring in emails that are from saved 17hats contacts where the email address is listed in the From field or the CC field of all email messages. For example, if the email address in the To field does not have a matching contact record in 17hats, but the email address in the CC field has a matching contact record, the email will still be brought in and go to the project the CC'd email address is listed on. 

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