How to Delete Documents in Bulk
Learn how to delete quotes, contracts, and questionnaires in bulk!
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With the capability to bulk delete documents, you can delete any outstanding quote, contract, or questionnaire! Note: Members are unable to bulk-delete invoices.

To do so, go to the main Documents page and click over to either the quotes, contract, or questionnaires tab. 

Once you're on the tab for the documents you want to delete you can further filter by outstanding, past-due, or by clicking the headers of the page to sort by the quote, contract, or questionnaire name/number, client, project, date sent, or date accepted/signed/answered.

Next, use the checkboxes next to the document name/quote # to select the documents you want to delete.

Once selected, the button to delete them will appear on the top right of your page:

Anytime you go to delete a document, you'll receive a pop-up like the one below asking you to confirm the deletion of the document. 

Just like with projects, once a document is deleted, it cannot be undone. 

Want to delete multiple projects? Check out this article to learn more! 

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