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How to Assign Projects Using Tags
How to Assign Projects Using Tags
Learn how tags can organize projects by users, vendors, or other members of your business.
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Tags are a vital feature to be able to filter projects and contacts. Using Tags, you can assign projects to particular team member/user, vendor, event planner, or any other person needed. This will allow you to easily pull a list of all projects someone is currently working on. 

To assign a project to a particular person you'll want to add a project tag. First locate and open the project. Now on the project page, click the “edit” button to update the project details and select the "edit project" option shown below:

Once the “edit project” pop-up appears, add the name of the person you want to assign the project to within the “Tag” Field and save.

Repeat for all the projects you’d like to assign to that individual. 

Now, head over to the Project page and type in the new tag/name within the project search bar. All the projects you’ve added that specific tag to will now appear! 

If you have any questions on this or other 17hats features, reach out to our support team at or use the live chat button on the bottom right of your account. 

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