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Learn answers to common questions for the 17hats Online Scheduling Feature
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What is the Online Scheduling Tool?

The Online Scheduling tool (OS) will allow your contacts to easily schedule an appointment, consultation, event, session, etc. all with a few clicks of a button. 

Contacts will be able to book an appointment using the link provided through an email, or even embed your schedule to your website. Once they select their preferred date, they’ll get a confirmation email and you can even trigger a workflow to further automate your client experience. 

Am I notified when a booking is made?

Yes! You'll receive an email notification that lists the clients name, project, and booking date. this will also include a link to manage your bookings. 

Are reminders sent to my customer for their upcoming session?

Not automatically. To send a reminder, have the Service start a reminder workflow. 

Can I reorder Services on my Availability Schedule?

Yes, services appear in the order you add them to a schedule. To reorder the Services, delete them from your availability schedule, then add them back in the order you want them to appear. 

Can I edit a booking that is in the past?

No, Pending bookings cannot be edited once they are in the past (they will stop showing as “To Confirm” on your Bookings tab

What happens if a booking is rescheduled?

  • When a booking is rescheduled the event will automatically move to the updated date/time. 

  • The Owner account will receive a notification at their set Email Address that the booking has been rescheduled, but there is no automatic notification to the client; these notices should be sent to the client manually.

  • If your bookings requires approval to confirm the appointment, rescheduled bookings will NOT need to be re-confirmed. 

What happens if I archive or delete a contact/project? 

  • When you archive a project the booking stays as is

  • When you delete a contact or delete a project it will cancel bookings related to the deleted project(s).

Can I start a Workflow using the Online Schedule?

Yes! You can start a workflow right when the customer books, once you approve the booking, or both. 

What will the Base Date be set as when activating a Workflow form the Online Schedule?

The Base Date will use the booking date of the service. For example, if someone books a service for August 1st, the base date of the Workflow will be set to August 1st. 

Can my Team Member user be available to Book via Online Scheduling?

Yes, but they are required to have "Calendars" enabled within their permission settings. 

If they do not have calendar permission enabled when they log into 17hats they will get a red banner error message saying "there was a problem saving your data". 

What happens if I delete a User?

When you delete a user it will remove them as an attendee on any bookings and if only client remains as an attendee, it will add the owner of the 17hats account as the replacement attendee

If the User was the only Team Member available to book on an Availability URL, then that URL will display an error that it is unavailable. You must edit the Availability Schedule to choose a Team Member that is available to book for that Schedule. 

Why does my booking URL say it's no longer available?

First, check to see if you deleted the availability schedule from your Online Scheduling Settings. If you did, you will need to recreate a new schedule, and re-send the updated URL to any of your contacts who may have the old URL. 

If you do see the Availability schedule within your Online Scheduling settings, you will want to edit the schedule to be sure all required settings are saved:

Can I delete the booking events manually on the calendar?

  • No, Members are not able to delete events that are tied to bookings

  • Members are also not able to delete calendars with confirmed bookings

  • When an event is deleted through google the booking will be canceled

Can I manually add new attendees to the Booking or Calendar event?

No, the attendees that are listed will be the person who made the booking (the client), and the 17hats Member (or team members) assigned to that booking. 

To change the Member who is assigned to the booking, you will need to reschedule the booking and pick a new team member in the dropdown:

*Not seeing the Select Team Member dropdown when viewing your booking URL? Check out Step 2 of our Availability Settings Help Article that will show you steps to adding this. 

Will Google events with a "Free" status allow my customers to schedule?

Events marked as "Free" in Google will still block appointments from being added. 17hats is only able to see the event itself, not the status, so it prevents new events from being scheduled.

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