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Streamline Followup Emails
Streamline Followup Emails
Learn how to make following up with leads easier, and more streamlined.
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To help make following up with Leads easier, we suggest adding "To-Do" steps,  followed by an automatic "Action" item to send the followup email within that same step. This allows you to easily check-off the To-Do from any page in 17hats and the follow-up email sends automatically. 

Steps to Setup

  1. Start by adding a "To-do" workflow step (We suggest using a separate phase for Followup emails, so it can be deleted as a whole if not needed). 

  2. You can add the text: "Check off to Send Followup - #1" (or whichever text makes sense for this followup reminder. 

  3. Pick the # of days after "Activating this workflow" for the first reminder to show.
    >>> Be sure not to use "After all previous items are complete" if you have other steps above that do not need to be completed for a Reminder to show due

  4. Under "When Done" add the action: Send Email

  5. Select your Followup Email Template you wish to send automatically.
    >>> Pro Tip
    : be sure the followup email uses tokens, so that it can be sent with client and project specific information. 

  6. In the Prompt selection, choose "automatically". This will ensure the email sends as soon as you check off the To-do. 

Here is an example of a "Reminder" Step, where the to-do item sends an automatic email once completed:

Having the automatic email as a part of the To-do allows the entire followup step to be deleted if not needed, and lower the risk of sending a reminder email at the wrong time. 



How does this work?

Check off these Reminder to-dos anywhere your To-Do list shows: on your Dashboard, Calendar tab, individual Project Pages, Workflow tab, To-Do tab, and on the Sidebar [Which allows the To-Do to be shown on any page!]
>>> By checking off the To-Do, the followup email automatically sends!

What if I don't want to send the reminders? 

Just go to the workflow and delete your Reminders phase! (Or delete the steps individually as needed). 

You can also archive the project, and the To-Dos will be removed from your To-Do list, and calendar. 

What if I want to change the Date of the Reminder?

This is easy! Head to your Calendar tab in 17hats and drag the To-Do to the day you wish to be reminded:


As always, feel free to reach out via Live Chat if you still have any remaining questions and we'll be happy to help out!

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