All About "To-Do" Tasks
Learn how to add To-Do's and where due & past due To-Do tasks live
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You'll be notified of any current or past-due To-Do tasks on your dashboard and you can also view the to-do tasks on your calendar, To-Do page, the Quick Look side-bar, as well as on the project itself. 

The Dashboard

On the dashboard, you'll see any to-do tasks on the calendar it is assigned to as well as under the "Let's Take Care of Business" section. 

Pro Tip: create a To-Do Calendar specifically for To-Do tasks and workflow tasks so it doesn't clog up your lead or booking calendars. 

The dashboard will only show past due or currently due to-do items. To view all to-do tasks, including completed tasks, view the To-Do page. Completed To-Do's will remain on the dashboard for 24 hours from when the task was completed. 

You can opt to "snooze" any notification by hovering over the item and clicking on the "snooze" option in blue. You'll then be able to hide the notification until the next day, week, month, or never have it show again. 

To-Do Page

The To-Do page will show you all Due & Upcoming To-Do Items as well as display a To-Do list specific to the contact/project the item is created on. 

Please Note: To-Do tasks that are past due longer for 2 months or longer will automatically be removed. They will only show on the dashboard, project, page, or the workflow page after that time frame. 

You can also create a To-Do list that is not associated with a specific project or contact by clicking on the + button next to the "My Lists" header. 

Within each project specific to-do list, you'll be able to see the completed items by clicking on the "Show Completed Items" link in blue:

The To-Do page will then refresh and you'll see any completed item indicated with a blue checkmark. 

You can update any to-do item by simply clicking on the To-Do title, or check it off as completed by clicking the checkbox before the the to-do task title. 

Additionally, you can filter your to-do tasks by users by clicking on the "show for:" button as shown below:

Finally, you can access the contact or project by clicking on the name of the contact (shown in red), or the project name (shown in blue). 

Project Page

To-Do's on the project page will appear on the To-Do Tab and on the "What's coming up in the next 7 days" section.

You have two ways to create additional to-do items within the project. 

First, you can create a To-Do task by going to the To-Do tab, and clicking the + button

This will open a pop-up where you can fill in your To-Do details.

Second, you can use the "Create New" drop down under the "What's Coming up..." or "Important Documents" section to add a new To-Do task. 

Main Calendar Page

Your To-Do's will also appear on the main calendar page, shown below in burgundy red. These tasks are on a separate To-Do/Workflow calendar to eliminate confusion between event types such as lead consultations or project dates. 

Keep in mind, you are not able to add new to-do items on the calendar itself. You will want to add the to-do task on the main To-Do page, Project page, or Quick Look side-bar. 

Quick Look Side-Bar

Your calendar and Due & Upcoming To-Do list will appear automatically on the Quick Look Side-Bar. This is accessed by clicking the tab on the top right of your page. 

Once opened, you can view your schedule, add additional to-do tasks, or switch your to-do list view. 

Workflow To-Do Tasks

To-Do Tasks created through a workflow will show up under the "To-Do Items" section on your dashboard, as well on the "Workflow" page, and calendar page. 

Below you can see the workflow to-do on the dashboard:

And how it shows up on the main Workflow page:

User To-Do Tasks

If you have additional users on your account, you will be able to view and assign to-do tasks to those individuals as well! 

This can be done from the to-do task itself or on the project by updating the "Assigned To" field. 

These items will only show up on the users dashboard page, so be sure to use the main To-Do page, or the project page to view all tasks for a particular contact. 

If you have any other specific questions on To-Do's let us know! You can reach out to us by live chat using the chat icon on the bottom right of your page or email us at 

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