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How To Sync Incoming Mail From POP And Exchange Accounts
How To Sync Incoming Mail From POP And Exchange Accounts
A workaround for email providers that do not support IMAP
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While email technology has advanced, there are still some email providers that only support the outdated Post Office Protocol (POP) for email synchronisation. 17hats only supports Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) for synchronising incoming emails. If your email provider only supports POP, or you're otherwise receiving errors when connecting your email account to 17hats, one possible workaround is to connect your emails to a Gmail account, and then connect that Gmail account to 17hats.

This guide is based on Google's help article here, and assumes you already have a Gmail account set up. Please be sure to request the most recent POP and SMTP email server settings from your email provider's Support team; you'll need them to continue.

  • In Gmail, click the gear icon in the top-right of the screen, then click "Settings" in the menu that drops down:

  • Click Accounts (or Accounts & Import, which is in the same place) at the top of the Settings panel, and then click "Add a mail account" in the Check mail from other accounts: section:

  • This will bring up a popup window. Enter the email address you'd like to synchronise emails from and click "Next >>":

  • Enter your full email address and password that you use to log in to your POP email account. "POP Server", "Port", and whether to check "SSL" are provided by your email provider:

  • For your own convenience, please make sure to check the boxes highlighted red above:
    Leave a copy of retrieved message on the server - This setting stops Gmail from deleting emails after it collects them
    Label incoming messages - This setting will label all emails collected from your POP email account. This is useful if you're using your Gmail account for something else, and want to be able to quickly view all collected emails.

  • Please make sure you do not check "Archive incoming messages (Skip the inbox)". Checking this box will prevent 17hats from detecting and importing your mail.

You can find POP, IMAP, and SMTP settings for the most popular email providers below:

* This feature may not be available on all plan types.

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